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AP Body Shop is one of the most professional, fast, respectful, generous, and amazing auto repair shops I have ever encountered...

I trusted Andre and his team to deal with the insurance company (they did!), to do the necessary repairs (they did!), and to make it look brand new (they did!). I am grateful for and impressed by Andre's service and his team's skill.

I am thrilled to recommend this shop to ANYBODY who wants the real deal. You will NOT be disappointed... AP Auto Body is by far the best!! Thank you!”
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Auto Body Painting Goes “Green” in CA

You may see a shakedown of your local auto body shop. In order to go green,

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paints for cars are going to a water based system. Legally in California as of June 1, 2008 all Auto Body shops must convert to water-based base coats. What that means is: every new car produced since the mid 80’s (with some exceptions with foreign cars in the past few years) has been done with a two stage paint finish. The color is the base coat, and the clear coat is the top coat, hence two stage painting.

Since the mid 80’s all the base coats have been solvent (petroleum) based. zoomAA150These are very harmful to the environment. After years of research engineers managed to develop high quality base coats that are WATER based (instead of solvent based) making them almost completely harmless to the environment (an approximately 90% harmful emissions reduction). This is a momentous shift in automotive paint refinishing.

California is the first state in the US to regulate the implementation of a state law requiring auto body shops to use water based base coats instead of the solvent based ones.

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Because of the shift to a water based system, we need to allow much more time for the drying of the coat. I’ve found the increase to be at least 3x longer, even with a retrofitted spay booth. Depending on the shop, this could possibly translate anywhere from a half of day to a couple of days difference in getting your car back!

My shop was the third shop in the San Fernando Valley to implement this new system, about a year ago. We’ve had plenty of time to make adjustments. But if you are in California be aware that this new system will change the way things used to be done, a entire article>>

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